Update on COVID-19 immunizations

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Dear Families
We recently update our Immunization Disclosure and Vaccination Policy and Procedure in relation to COVID-19.
All staff, volunteer and students are required to be fully immunized by November 1, 2021. Staff who receive an exemption will be required to complete ongoing rapid antigen testing until the exemption no longer applies or further direction is received by Toronto Public Health . A full copy of this policy along with all our other COVID-19 updated COVID-19 policies can be found https://new.ordedaycare.org/?page_id=2144 or on the policy page of our website

Staff Vaccination for COVID-19

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To protect the health and safety of all staff, parents, and children, we are committed to having our staff vaccinated at the earliest available time. Please note there may be some staff who will not be able to receive vaccinations due to medical or religious reasons. We will be obligated under the Ontario Human Rights legislation to accommodate them and they will continue to be valued members of our team.

We therefore ask that you do not question our staff about their vaccine status, this information is confidential, and they are under no obligation to provide you with this information. We are directing the staff not to respond to these questions (even if they are vaccinated) and to direct you to myself or the Site supervisor to address any concerns regarding this issue.

We appreciate your ongoing support and assistance through these difficult times. Please feel free to contact me if you require any additional information.
Stay well
Anna Gionet
Executive Director

Limited spaces now available for Preschool, and before and after school programs

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Please call us at 416 598-3412 or email @ info@ordedaycare.org

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update on Orde Site – Lunch program

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Dear Families at Orde
Our cook Vilma continues to be on a leave on absence. Therefore, we will continue to use Boaden /Organic Kids for our lunch program.
Thank you for your continued understanding.